Tour these murderous crime scenes of yesteryear

To many people taking a tour means being dragged round a seemingly endless round of stately homes and places of "interest".

Dark Deeds would like to change all that.

We are going to take you on a tour with a difference - a visit to the darkside of human nature. Walk with us in the footsteps of those players in the drama of life and death. Ordinary people swept up in a series of extraordinary events that echoed around the world. Stand in those places where history - violent and bloody - was made. Find out what really happened; discover the stories behind the headlines.

Accompanied by your guide, local author and crime historian Bob Hinton MA, you will visit the scenes of several infamous murders. This isn't the newspapers, this isn't the history books - this is for real!

In all societies, in all ages, murder has always stood alone in the criminal calendar - for the murderer there is no forgiveness - for the victim no appeal.

For those of you with an interest in True Crime this will be an unmissable experience, for those of you who just want a tour with a difference - an unforgettable adventure.


Dark Deeds Crime Tours, 33 Hillfield Villas, Kidwelly, Carms, South Wales, UK, SA17 4UN