Murder 1 - Time Gentlemen Please !

The local pub is the traditional place for friends and neighbours to meet and enjoy a pint and a gossip. With a genial mine host behind the bar and his cheerful wife serving foaming tankards of ale, the pub is more than a place of business - it's an institution.

But what happens when mine host isn't always genial and his wife is rarely cheerful? In this case the result was death, brutal, savage and swift.

This was no ordinary murder. Why was the victim found in the maid's bed? Why was the lodger found fast asleep alongside the corpse? Did he strangle the life out of the hapless victim - or was he also a victim? A victim of a dastardly plot to frame him.

An incredible story of what happens when a marriage goes wrong. Find out the facts and draw your own conclusions.

A fascinating case described by world famous crime author Richard Whittington-Egan as a 'most curious and interesting affair'



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