Murder 2 - The Butler Did It !


Few of us have not heard of the mass murderer Michael Ryan who one summer's day stalked the streets of Hungerford shooting down anyone who got in his way.

But who among us has heard of Henry Tremble?

Exactly 111 years before Ryan, to the day - to the hour, Tremble prowled the streets of the small Welsh village of Caio, armed to the teeth and looking for fresh victims.

Tremble was butler to John Johnes, a prominent figure in the locality and a well-respected member of the judiciary. On the morning of August 19 th 1876 he was reading in his library in Dolaucothy House when he was ruthlessly shot to death by Tremble armed with one of his masters shotguns. Tremble then stalked the judge's daughter Charlotte through the house before catching and shooting her in the kitchen, despite the brave attempts of her maid to save her mistress.

Heading towards the nearby village of Caio Tremble announced his intention of shooting further victims.

What happened next is a story full of terror and courage, fear and pathos with even a touch of black comedy thrown in.

Dolaucothy House.  The figures are believed to be(left to right) Captain Cookman, Charlotte Cookman, John Johnes, Elizabeth Johnes and two servants.

Learn for yourselves the facts of that dreadful day and discuss with your guide previously undiscovered information which makes this a case to remember.

What was the motive behind these dreadful acts? Is there a dark secret in Caio, which only now is to be revealed? Listen and judge for yourself!



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