Murder 3 - Death Came To Dinner !


It was a typical small Welsh town. The medieval church with its lofty spire, the large house in the main street home to the local solicitor and his family.

But beneath the surface tensions ran deep. Harold Greenwood the solicitor wasn't a well like man - at least by the men folk, he never seemed short of lady admirers.

One June day Harold Greenwood sat down to dine with his son, daughter and wife. In the early hours of the following morning his wife, Mabel Greenwood, died in writhing agony. The local doctor deemed death to be due to heart failure, but when Greenwood married again less than four months later, tongues began to wag.



A year later the rumble of gossip had risen to a roar and a year after her death Mabel Greenwood's body was exhumed. This time death was put down to poisoning with arsenic.


The stage was set for a legal battle that had the whole world watching. With the famous barrister Sir Edward Marshall Hall appearing for the defence the drama that unfolded had all the hallmarks of an Agatha Christie murder mystery.

The killer had to be one of the five people present that night - but who? Unlike the theatre there would be no repeat performance. If the defence flopped Harold Greenwoods next appearance would be at the foot of the scaffold.

What part did the absent minded doctor play? How did the gossipy local nurse feature in the drama, was hers a leading role or merely a walk on part? The housemaid, young, high spirited and frightened, did she have a dreadful secret to keep?

You are invited to visit the very place where it all happened, walk in the footsteps of the killer and the victim and deliver your verdict - Guilty or Not Guilty!

Does the spirit of the murdered woman still wander the streets of Kidwelly seeking the justice that was denied her in this life?

With new information that will set you thinking about one of the most famous murder cases of all times this will be an experience you will never forget.



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